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We are dedicated to all aspects of Black and White Photography all the way from Capture through to Print. The website provides valuable information on teaching you some of the techniques required to produce stunning black and white photographs. Please sign up to the newsletter to be kept informed of any new updates or special offers.

Latest Blog Posts

ACR Adjustment Presets

The Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) presets are a set of pre-defined adjustments which are available to any of the local adjustments tools found in both Adobe Camera Raw and also the Adobe Camera Raw Photoshop filter module. The local adjustment tools which they work with...

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Bellows Draw Exposure Compensation Program

Typically, when we extend the bellows of the camera to a point where it exceeds the focal length of the attached lens, we may have to take into account light loss hitting the film. To compensate for this, we need to add a certain amount of exposure compensation to the...

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Photoshop Extension Panels Not properly Signed

The Extension Was Not Properly Signed When updating or installing Photoshop extension panels, although it is rare, one can still be faced with the "The Extension was not properly signed"  message preventing you to go any further. I could go in to the reasons for this...

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Epson Print Layout PDF eBook

Not only can it be used as standalone piece of software, it also integrates seamlessly with Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop and Nikon ViewNX-i. I have been using this software for some time as part of my printing workflow and decided that now would be a good idea to...

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Developing Temperature Time Substitutes

Apart from exposure, developing times, temperature and agitation have to be consistent to produce a good printable negative, whether you are printing in a traditional darkroom or scanning the negative to be printed through a digital workflow. As we move into the...

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Reciprocity Exposure Times

Reciprocity is the relationship between shutter speeds and apertures, which means that as you reduce exposure with a change in, lets say the shutter speed by one stop, then increase the exposure by one stop with the aperture, you will have exactly the same exposure....

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