Digital Negative
Correction Curves

Creates a correction curve
for making digital negatives.

Digital Negative Curve Photoshop

Tri-X Grain

Kodak Tri X Grain

Tri-X Grain is a small lightweight Photoshop Panel which adds the  popular Kodak Tri-X Grain look to your black and white images. The intensity of the grain can be adjusted using the panel intensity slider.

Requires Photoshop CC and above

Photoshop Picture Mounts

Photoshop Picture Mounts

The Picture Mounts Photoshop extension panel offers the ability to add pre determined mounts to your images which can give you a better indication how they would look presented.

Three individual presets are available at the click of a button, each preset offers predetermined sizes and the option for the user to enter a custom size.

DataColor SpyderPrint

DataColor SpyderPrint When it comes to color-management it has to be said that DataColor are one, if not the leading company. They pride themselves in offering a wide range of products and

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Photoshop Soft Proofing

Before we commit our selves to making the final print, where possible, we should always consider soft proofing the image if only to rule out any un-expectations when the ink

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QuadTone Rip K3 Curve Profiler

What is the QuadTone Rip K3 Curve Profiler. The QuadTone Rip K3 Curve Profiler is an Excel spreadsheet program which has been created by Richard Boutwell of bw-mastery. The program has been cleverly

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