My name is Ian and I currently reside in the UK approx 170 miles North of London in Yorkshire.

For many years as a hobby, I have followed the path in learning the craft of black and white photography both analog film and digital.

Learning something new every day is what motivates and keeps me passionate about making photographs presented in shades of grey.

Being red/green colour blindness can be extremely challenging for me especially when working with digital exposures which is one of the reasons I gravitate more towards working with analog black and white film.

For my digital work, I use a Nikon D3s which I purchased in 2010 along with a 24-70mm and 50mm lens.

For my analog film, I use a Pentax Spotmatic F (35mm), Mamiya C220 (6×6), YashicaMat (6×6), Plastic Holga (6×6), ZeroImage 2000 Pinhole (6×6) and a Chamonix 045N-2 Large Format (5×4).

Post Processing
Although I do have a small traditional darkroom, the majority of my final prints are processed in a hybrid workflow using Adobe Photoshop as the main editing software and an Epson R3880 printer.

I prefer to take control of my black and white film so I develop all my own black and white negatives using a variety of developers including, PyroCat HD, Diafine, Kodak HC110 and home made Kodak D23.

For the analog film exposures, depending on the format, I scan the negatives using my Epson V800 or Minolta Dimage Scan Multi Pro film scanner.

Why The Website
Over the years I have realised that creating Black and White photographs in my opinion is much harder than people realise and to get those shades of grey to where you want them requires vision, creativity and processing skills.

I also have a passion for software development which I put to use by creating small plugins for Photoshop and offer them to anyone who may find them useful in improving their own editing skills and printing workflow.

Get In Touch
If you have any questions or would like to receive any one to one online tuition then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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