Inkjet Printing

DataColor SpyderPrint

DataColor SpyderPrint When it comes to color-management it has to be said that DataColor are one, if not the leading company. They pride themselves in offering a wide range of products and solutions to help photographs ensure they have a seamless colour managed workflow from capture to print. Colour Management And Black And White Colour Management always …

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Photoshop Gray Interface

Photoshop Soft Proofing

Before we commit our selves to making the final print, where possible, we should always consider soft proofing the image if only to rule out any un-expectations when the ink hits the paper. With Photoshop, we can get it to display an image the way it will appear when it’s printed by soft proofing before you …

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QuadTone Rip K3 Curve Creation Tool

QuadTone Rip K3 Curve Profiler

What is the QuadTone Rip K3 Curve Profiler. The QuadTone Rip K3 Curve Profiler is an Excel spreadsheet program which has been created by Richard Boutwell of bw-mastery. The program has been cleverly designed to take the headache out of creating custom paper curves for the QTR printer driver. How does the QuadTone Rip K3 Curve Profiler work. Working …

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Epson Print Layout PDF eBook

The Epson Print Layout software can it be used as standalone piece of software and it also integrates seamlessly with Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop and Nikon ViewNX-i. One of the biggest hurdles with printing photos is locating and selecting the correct settings in the operating system, application and driver software,” said Eddie Murphy, marketing specialist, Epson …

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Epson R3880 Leaking Black Ink

The story My Epson R3880 17 inch printer is approaching 3 years old and about 3 months ago I started to notice something strange happening whilst printing with Photo Black (PK) ink. I was getting faint horizontal lines appearing which immediately made me run a nozzle check and to my surprise, the PK nozzle checks …

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Photoshop Print Resolution

Photoshop Print Size

Under the view menu in Photoshop we have the option called Print Size which is designed to show us the physical size of the print before we send it to the printer. The issue with this option is that by default, Photoshop assumes that our monitor has a display resolution of 72 ppi but the newer modern …

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