Analog Film Photography

Seeing the world in Black and White is the main struggle for everyone at the beginning but like with everything else, it can be learned and practiced with a simple understanding of how colours are translated into black and white

Holga120N Medium Format Film Camera

Holga 120GN Film Camera

To compliment my ZeroImage Zero 2000 Pinhole Camera, I decided to buy a Holga Medium Format Film camera. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the camera so rather than buying a new one for around £30, I chose to hunt a second hand one down on eBay. The model I really wanted was Holga …

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Vuescan Scanning Black And White Negative Video Tutorials

VueScan Black & White Tutorial

This mini set of VueScan black and white scanning videos are designed to help those who use VueScan for scanning black and white negatives. My analog film photography is based around the hybrid workflow. I capture the image on traditional black and white light sensitive film, develop it in traditional darkroom chemicals and then digitally …

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Vuescan Scan Resolution Video

VueScan Scan Resolution Video

With most scanning software including VueScan Pro, we have a tendency to think the highest resolution value is the best. This all depends on what we are going to do with the final output. Scanning a film negative at 6400 is not guaranteed to give us a file which contains more detail, what it is …

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Zeroimage 2000 Pinhole Camera Composition Viewfinder

Zero 2000 Pinhole View Finder

Using the Zero Image 2000 6×6 Pinhole Camera is straight forward but the one area which people seem to struggle with is composition. Not having a view finder to look through really makes you stop in your tracks and think about what part of the scene the camera is actually going to record. The Zero 2000 6×6 Pinhole …

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Film Scanning Resolution

Scanning Resolution Output

What Scan Resolution Should I Scan My Negatives At ? Scanning resolution is probably one of the first dilemmas people are faced with when they first start out scanning negatives. Their first reaction is to scan them at the highest values available in the scanning software thinking they are going to achieve the best scan. In …

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Pinhole Camera Exposure Charts

Pinhole Camera Exposure Charts

To calculate the exposure time for pinhole camera, we first of all need to know the f number of the pinhole camera. Unlike normal cameras, this value does not change because the hole remains the same size which therefore simplifies the final calculation. Pinhole f  Number This is the distance from the film divided by the diameter of the pinhole. Let’s assume that our pinhole …

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Sekonic L758 Ev Mode

BTZS Incident Metering

The BTZS incident metering system was something that  Phil Davis taught some time ago when he created some software for the Palm Pilot. I have the fourth edition titled BTZS Beyond The Zone System. The book goes pretty deep on sensitometry whch is aimed at the serious darkroom user but it also covers his method …

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Developing Temperature Times

Apart from exposure, developing times, temperature and agitation have to be consistent to produce a good printable negative, whether you are printing in a traditional darkroom or scanning the negative to be printed through a digital workflow. As we move into the warmer summer months, the outside temperature rises and so does our water supply temperature. …

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Sekonic Light Meter L758 Dynamic Range

Light Meter Dynamic Range

I find that calculating the dynamic range of a scene is important n any aspect of photography, even more some when using traditional film because once the exposure has been made, we can’t simply look at a screen to see how we have done. When using black and white film, I like to try and …

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