ColoPerfect Raw Linear Scans

In this mini video series, I go through some of the things I have learnt when using ColorPerfect to convert my black and white film negatives into a positive when scanned as a Linear RAW scan with VueScan.

ColorPerfect Interface

ColorPerfect User Interface

I produce a Linear RAW scan TIFF file of the negative using VueScan and then let ColorPerfect take control of the conversion.

Why ColorPerfect?
For many years I have used either VueScan, Epson Scan and SilverFast and all three have given good results but I found that in order to get what I wanted, I had to work hard with the individual scanner software controls.

What I was looking for was some way to produce a scan without having to use the scanning software as an editor so I turned to ColorPerfect.

Why The Mini Video Series?
Although I am the first to admit that ColorPerfect does give me the results I am looking for, I have found that like most software there is a learning curve to getting the most from it and for some people this can be a daunting challenge.

The user interface at first glance looks complicated and some of the controls do not seem that intuitive but what I have learnt is that for dealing with black and white negatives, fortunately, we only need to familiar ourselves with just a few of them.

Having now gained an understanding of the the controls we need for black and white negative films, I have put a short video series together to demonstrate how I use VueScan to produce the Linear Raw Scan and then ColorPerfect to convert this negative into a positive digital Tiff file.

ColorPerfect Photoshop Dashboard

Included with the mini video series is a Photoshop Plugin I have made which gives you quick access to ColorPerfect and also three Contrast Boost presets.

The Contrast presets are a good starting point for giving the converted image a base contrast level from which you can then use your editing skills to selectively increase the contrast in the parts of the image you see fit.

To use the dashboard plugin, you will need a working copy of ColorPerfect and also Photoshop CC 2020 or newer and either Mac or Windows Operating system.

ColorPerfect Mini Videos Introduction

Video Title Duration Format
1. Introduction 7 Mins 50 Seconds MP4
2. ColorPerfect Controls 10 Mins 17 Seconds MP4
3. Shadows & Highlighs 1 Min 37 Seconds MP4
4. Take Control of Shadows & Highlights 17 Mins 40 Seconds MP4
5. Photoshop Plugin Introduction 1 Min 32 Seconds MP4
6. Installing Photoshop Plugin 4 Mins 58 Seconds MP4

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