Controlling VueScan Black Clipping

VueScan Blocked Shadows

When scanning negatives especially black and white negatives I am always aiming to produce a scan which has no clipped blacks or whites.

Providing the negative has received adequate exposure for the low values, it should contain sufficient density to yield a scan with detail in those areas.

I have found that VueScan can on some occasions be a little quirky in the way in which it computes what it believes is a clipped black and what isn’t

This eBook describes highlights different scenarios which can influence what is deemed as the black point.

I also explain my personal approach and workflow when faced with a situation with the negative preview showing areas which will be scanned as pure black with no detail.

The approach is easy to follow and for those that like to see visual workflows, I have included a link to  YouTube video where I demonstrate this method.

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