Developing Temperature Times

Film Developing Temperature ChartsApart from exposure, developing times, temperature and agitation have to be consistent to produce a good printable negative, whether you are printing in a traditional darkroom or scanning the negative to be printed through a digital workflow.

As we move into the warmer summer months, the outside temperature rises and so does our water supply temperature. In some countries, the water temperature right out of the tap can be as high as 24°C which can be a little on the high side for developing black and white film based on a developing time of 20°C.

In situations where the working temperature of the chemicals fluctuate more than say 1°C from the standard 20°C, we have to re-adjust the overall developing times.

I have put together 2 printable PDF charts which will help you quickly arrive at a developing time should you encounter that your working temperature varies from the standard 20°C recommendation.

The charts are available in 2 versions:

  1. UK A4 Paper Size Landscape orientation
  2. US Letter Paper Size Landscape orientation

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