Get To Know Your Paper

know your paper videos

Getting to know your paper can be as important as actually editing the photograph. Over the years, I have helped many photographers online with black and white printing issues and the most common area was due to not fully understanding the characteristics of the paper which was to be used for the final print. This […]

BW Toning Photoshop Plugin

Black And White Toning Presets For Photoshop

The Black and White Toning Photoshop Plugin is lightweight and very easy to use. Choose from one of the eight built in black and white tone presets to give your black and white photograph an elegant look and feel. After choosing your desired tone preset, use the strength slider to change the intensity of the […]

VueScan Black & White Scanning

VueScan Scanning Black And White

This mini set of VueScan black and white scanning videos are designed to help those who use VueScan for scanning black and white negatives. My analog film photography is based around the hybrid workflow. I capture the image on traditional black and white light sensitive film, develop it in traditional darkroom chemicals and then digitally […]

Affinity Photo Linear Scan Conversion

Affinity Photo Linear Scan

To get the best scan from a black and white negative, I always find that scanning as a RAW linear scan produces the best results. Normally when I use Photoshop, I use a third party plugin called ColorPerfect to do the transition from negative to positive as I find this produces great results and I […]

Affinity Photo Zone Gradient

Affinity Zone Gradient

The Zone Gradient is an easy to use and simple addition when editing black and white photograph with the Affinity Photo Desktop application. By using the Zone Gradient as a reference point, we can quick establish which zones part of the image falls on and then by using adjustment tools, we can quickly move tones […]

Free Affinity Photo Brushes

Affinity Photo Brushes

When dodging and burning in Photoshop, I use one of 4 brushes which I made some time ago. I have converted them in the Affinity Photo format and made them available for Free for anyone who may want to try them.

Digital Zone System

Digital Zone System Photoshop Plugin

Digital Zone System The Digital Zone System Photoshop Plugin is a small light weight extension panel giving you access to the Zone System tools which have been designed to help with your black and white photography editing using Adobe Photoshop. The Digital Zone System panel has been redesigned and re worked to be fully compatible […]

Quick Mask 2.0


Quick Mask 2.0 Photoshop Plugin Quick Mask is a Photoshop Plugin designed to create 16 bit Luminosity Masks with ease. Version 2.0 of Quick Mask has been written from scratch and is designed to work with Photoshop version 23 and newer. The main interface of Quick Mask is designed in such a way that makes […]