Affinity Photo Linear Scan Conversion

Affinity Photo Linear Scan

To get the best scan from a black and white negative, I always find that scanning as a RAW linear scan produces the best results. Normally when I use Photoshop, I use a third party plugin called ColorPerfect to do the transition from negative to positive as I find this produces great results and I […]

Affinity Photo Zone Gradient

Affinity Zone Gradient

The Zone Gradient is an easy to use and simple addition when editing black and white photograph with the Affinity Photo Desktop application. By using the Zone Gradient as a reference point, we can quick establish which zones part of the image falls on and then by using adjustment tools, we can quickly move tones […]

Free Affinity Photo Brushes

Affinity Photo Brushes

When dodging and burning in Photoshop, I use one of 4 brushes which I made some time ago. I have converted them in the Affinity Photo format and made them available for Free for anyone who may want to try them.