change camera make model metadata

Change Camera Make MetaData

The Camera Make and Model Exif data renaming application allows you to quickly change the Camera Name and Camera Model located inside the Exif data of the image.

Changing the exif data can be beneficial for many reasons and the way I use it in my own workflow is as follows.

How I use the camera make and model exif renaming program
I scan most of my developed black and white film negatives which I treat as either a digital contact sheet and I then import them into Adobe Lightroom which I use to catalog my images.

One of the drawbacks to to this is that both the camera make and model metadata is tagged with the scanner make and model which is not very useful to me. I like to change the camera make and model metadata to reflect the camera I actually used.

Under the Metadata tab in the Adobe Lightroom Library module it allows me to very easily group all images which have been exposed with a particular camera which I find extremely useful.

To change the metadata when using the Windows PC, I decided that I needed a graphical based Windows program which is when I came up witht the Camera Make And Model Metadata Renamer program which runs on Windows 10 and newer.

Using Manual Lens With Lens Adapters
If you are using a manual lens coupled to say a DSLR with a lens mount adapter, then we lose the Exif data from the lens. Version 1.0.1 of the Camera Make and Model Exif renamer program now includes two additional fields “Lens” and “Focal Length” where we can bridge this gap by adding the values ourselves which will then be written directly into the image Exif data.

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