Easy Dodge And Burn Photoshop Plugin

Easy Dodge & Burn

The term Dodge and Burn are photography terms for correcting and adjusting luminosity levels in parts of an image. The Dodge tool is used to lighten an area of your picture, and the Burn tool is used to darken an area.

Digital dodge and burn techniques are based on the method photographers use in the traditional darkroom: blocking light from the enlarger (or ‘dodging’ the light) to create a less-exposed, and therefore brighter, area on the paper, and using more light (or ‘burning’ in the light) to make an area darker.

Easy Dodge & Burn is a small lightweight Photoshop plugin designed to make the traditional Photoshop dodge and burning tools more accessible and increase your editing productivity.

Whilst the plugin offers a small number of controls, it brings all the tools into a single panel which are required when using the traditional dodge and burn options.

Using the Easy Dodge and Burn panel is extremely easy, simply press the DB button to create a dodge and burn layer, adjust the brush size to suit and also the strength and then choose from one of the Dodge or burn options.

Compatible With:
Photoshop version 23.3 or newer

After downloading the file, unzip it to your desktop and then double click the enclosed ccx file and then follow the on-screen instructions

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