Easy Exposure Photoshop plugin

Easy Exposure

The Easy Exposure Photoshop Plugin is a small lightweight panel which allows you to change the average exposure of the image by a pre-determined amount.

easy exposure plugin for photoshop

The controls on the plugin are self-explanatory, the buttons along the top are the exposure presets which are split into two groups, Darkening at the top and Lightening at the bottom.

The Layer Opacity slider changes the overall opacity of the active Photoshop layer.
The Feather Amount slider changes the amount of feathering if you have used a selection.

photoshop plugin flyout menu

Pressing the small hamburger menu opens a flyout menu which gives access to any tutorial videos which may be attached to the plugin.

average exposure

Average Exposure

To calculate the exposure, the plugin evaluates the histogram and determines the average value which it then uses to increase or decrease the exposure by the value chosen from one of the button presets.

Compatible With

  • Mac Intel & M Series
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Requires Photoshop 24.0 or newer

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