history brush dodge and burn the george dewolfe method

History Brush Dodge And Burn

The History Brush Dodge And Burn Photoshop Plugin is based on the method taught by George DeWolfe. George wrote a very nice article explaining the use of the history brush on the Luminous Landscape website.

It uses a single tool,  “the history brush” with different blend modes to paint on itself to achieve accurate dodge and burn effects in the photograph. One of the main features of the plugin is that we don’t have to remember which blend mode to choose as this is selected automatically based on the option chosen.

As the Photoshop History Brushe relies on different states, we rely on creating and deleting snapshots as when they are required. The snapshot creates a reference to the state of the working document at the time the snapshot was created.

Using the history brush in conjunction with controlling different document states through these snapshots does require some getting used to but after a while, they really do become second nature.

More information about the History Dodge and Burn Plugin.

Version 2.0
February 15, 2023

Version 2 of the History Dodge And Burn Photoshop Plugin has been completely rewritten from the ground up using the latest Adobe UXP technology


Complete redesign


Photoshop version 24

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