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Midtone Contrast

What is Midtone Contrast

Midtone contrast is a technique used in photo editing which photographers like in Lightroom but it has never really made it over to Photoshop. Midtone Contrast or Clarity is used to enhance specific parts of a photo without causing issues with the darker or brighter areas.

Clarity Midtone Contrast For Photoshop

Using the Midtone Contrast plugin is extremely easy and intuitive.

Press the Apply Midtone Contrast button to create a new Midtone Contrast Photoshop Layer and adjust the slider to taste.

What does the Midtone Contrast Plugin do?

Adding Clarity In Photoshop

The image is analysed and then contrast is applied to only the midtone areas whilst protecting the deep shadows and brighter highlighs.
To ensure we have a smooth transition between the none affected areas, the plugin slowly builds up the effect at the lower end, applies the full contrast change and then rolls off as it approaches the highlights.

Midtone Contrast Before
Midtone Contrast After

Before Adding Midtone Contrast

After Adding Midtone Contrast


The Photoshop Midtone Contrast plugin allows you to add contrast by targeting the mid-tones of your images.


  • Photoshop 24 and Newer
  • Mac or Windows
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