epson abw grey curves

Paper Grey Curves 3

When printing black and white images through the ABW driver, we don’t use the standard ICC color profiles because those profiles are based on the RGB driver, not the ABW driver. In fact, in Photoshop we use the “let the printer manage the colors option”

There are a few issues with this approach, and they all have to do with the fact that the output process isn’t color-managed so in order to compensate for the discrepancy, we build and use a custom black-and-white correction curve with the Paper Grey Curves Photoshop Plugin.

Creating a custom print curve with the Paper Grey Curves Photoshop plugin will help to iron out the wrinkles from the discrepancies we get between the pixel values we send to the Epson ABW driver to the pixel values we see in the final print.

Digital Black And White Plugin Videos

Selecting the burger icon in the upper right of the plugin opens up a flyout menu giving access to tutorial videos and other options.

Photoshop Version 24 or newer
Device for measuring print values such as the DataColor SpyderPrint or a flatbed scanner

For more information see the Paper Grey Curves Page

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