Quick Mask 2.0.1

Quick Mask 2.0.1 Photoshop Plugin

Quick Mask is a Photoshop Plugin designed to create 16 bit Luminosity Masks with ease.

Version 2.0 of Quick Mask has been written from scratch and is designed to work with Photoshop version 23 and newer.

The main interface of Quick Mask is designed in such a way that makes it extremely intuitive for anyone to use regardless of their experience.

A typical workflow for creating Luminosity Masks with Quick mask is

  • Choose A Mask
  • Refine The Mask If Needed
  • Create The Mask

The luminosity masks  are very smooth and produce a great starting point.

Quick Mask Luminosity Masking Photoshop
Lights 1
Quick Mask Luminosity Masking Photoshop Plugin
Lights 2
Luminosity Masking Quick Mask Photoshop
Lights 3
Quick Mask Photoshop Plugin For Luminosity Masking
Lights 4

Quick Mask Compatible With:
Photoshop version 23.0 or newer

After downloading the file, unzip it to your desktop and then double click the enclosed ccx file and then follow the on-screen instructions.

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