vuescan scanning black amd white negatives

VueScan B&W Scanning Video

This mini set of VueScan black and white scanning videos is designed to help those who use VueScan for scanning black and white negatives.

My analog film photography is based on the hybrid workflow. I capture the image on traditional black and white light-sensitive film, develop it in traditional darkroom chemicals, and then digitally scan it for print.

For my Epson V800 scanner, I use a selection of scanning software applications, one of which is the professional edition of VueScan.

VueScan is affordable and works with just about any film scanner.

These mini video tutorials give an insight into what settings I use when scanning my black and white negatives for either tif based output or a straight linear scan-based output.

I demonstrate what settings I use and also show how I deal with areas of the preview scan which appear to be showing areas of blocked blacks and, or blown highlights. I talk about a linear scan workflow and demonstrate how I use the ColorPerfect plugin to control the initial inversion process.

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