Photoshop Easy Dodge & Burn

Easy Dodge And Burn Photoshop Plugin

Easy Dodge & Burn Photoshop Plugin

Easy Dodge & Burn is a small lightweight Photoshop plugin designed to make the traditional Photoshop dodge and burning tools more accessible and increase your editing productivity.

Whilst the plugin offers a small number of controls, it brings all the tools into a single panel which are required when using the traditional dodge and burn options.

The easy Dodge and Burn Plugin has been designed to work with Adobe Photoshop versions 22.0.0 and above.

You have a choice of two options when adding the dodge and burn layer which can be selected from within the plugin preferences.

You can either work of a copy of the actual image or you can choose to work on a grey layer. The grey layer option is set as the default method.

Two adjustable sliders are provided to allow you to adjust the brush size and also the strength of the effect.

Using the Easy Dodge and Burn panel is extremely easy, simply press the DB button to create a dodge and burn layer, adjust the brush size to suit and also the strength and then choose from one of the Dodge or burn options.

The available dodge and burn options are:-

  1. Dodge shadows
  2. Dodge Mid-Tones
  3. Dodge Highlights
  4. Burn Shadows
  5. Burn Mid-Tones
  6. Burn Highlights

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Photoshop CC-2021 and newer
Windows or macOS

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