Epson V800 5x4 Negatives

For sometime now, I have looking at how I scan my black and white negatives using an Epson V800 Scanner.

I have been scanning 5×4 negatives with the Epson V800 for many years and during that time have experimented with a ton of different ways to get the most out of this scanner.

About 3 years ago, I settled on using the Epson fluid mount but using it in a dry scan scenario. I place the negative emulsion side down and placed a piece of glass on top to keep it flat.

Epson Fluid Mount Scanning 4x5 Negatives

When using it like this, you have to remember to place the negative in the middle of the holder and choose “Transparency” from the scan mode if using VueScan because we want to activate the super high resolution lens.

Other scanning software may call this scan mode “With Film Holder” so just watch out for that.

During the past twelve months as we have been in and out of CoronaVirus lockdown, I decided to revisit the way in which I scan my 5×4 black and white negatives using the Epson V800.

One day as I was holding a 10×8 digital negative I had made, I suddenly thought about something which started me on another journey to do more experiments.

After doing several intense tests, I produced a scan which gave me a perceivable difference in both sharpness and contrast whilst at the same time appeared to reduce the amount of dust and hairs I was getting on the normal scan.


New method on top original method underneath

Epson v800 4x5 cropped Scan
Epson V800 Scan Using The Fluid Mount & My New Test Method.
The New method is at the top and my normal method is at the bottom.

I have created a small PDF eBook outlining some of the important things I have learnt when scanning 5×4 black and white negatives with the Epson V800 and also includes what I did to get what I believe is a better scan.

Epson V800 Scanning 5x4 Negatives

Scanning 5x4 With Epson V800 PDF eBook

The ebook is laid out in easy to follows terms and includes how I improved my scan from using either the supplied film holder or even the dry mount system I was using with the fluid mount holder.
Includes 15% discount code
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