Rename Camera Make & Model Exif Data

What is the Exif Camera Make & Model Rename Program

The Exif renaming program is a small lightweight utility designed for the Mac OS X which will enable you to change the exif data inside a file for the Camera Make and Model fields and is extremely useful for anyone who scans and catalogues their film negatives.

The program is driven by the ExifTool command line program which was created by Phil Harvey. The FREE ExifTool program needs to be installed first and is available from

How I use The Exif Camera Make & Model Rename Program

My film based black and white photography workflow is of the hybrid nature, meaning that I make the initial exposure on black and white film, develop the film using traditional film developing chemicals and then I scan the final negatives on a film scanner which produces a digital file.

Each scanned frame of the negative is then imported into Adobe Lightroom for cataloging. As the file enters Lightroom, certain information is embedded automatically into the digital exif data, such as the Camera Make and Model.

Although some scanning software permit the user to manually enter this information, if one forgets, then it is extremely difficult to overwrite these fields after the scan is complete and we usually end up with both the camera make and model fields of the exif data set to the make and model of the scanner.

This is where the Exif Camera Make and Model renaming program shines. All you need to do is select a folder of images which were made from the same camera and then let the program do the rest.

The program can either overwrite the camera make and model information which is currently in the exif data or it will create a backup of the files before it renames them for you.

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The Exif Camera Make and Model renaming program is only available for the Mac OSX