Photoshop Black And White Zones

Histogram Zones

Quickly identify zones within your photograph

Histogram Zones Photoshop Plugin

Histogram Zones With Image

The Histogram Zones Photoshop Plugin is a small light weight extension panel giving you a visual representation of where a tone or a selection of tones fall within a photograph. This is an ideal companion for the Digital Zones System Photoshop Plugin

The plugin interface is clean and does not include any “bells or whistles” which can lead to distraction. 

Histogram Zones

Compatible With Photoshop 2021 And Newer

Histogram Zones has been designed to work with Photoshop CC2021 and newer which incorporates the new Plugin feature.

Histogram Zones Top Placement

History Zones Top Placement

Histogram Zones Bottom Placement

History Zones Bottom Placement

Histogram Zones by Selection

Photoshop Zone Selections

Photoshop Histogram Zones Plugin demo

Watch a small demonstraion of the Photoshop Histogram Zones Plugin.

For Photoshop

Easy Installation With The Adobe CC App

Installing the Digital Zone SystemPhotoshop Plugins has been made easier with the new ccx file extension which integrates with the Adobe Creative Cloud application.

Photoshop CC-2021 and newer
Windows or macOS

CCX Install

Buy Histogram Zones

The Photoshop Histogram Zones Plugin is available to buy direct from the online store with immediate delivery upon completed purchase.

Photoshop Histogram Zones