Adobe Announces New UXP Plugin Panels

During the launch of Photoshop 2021 we saw the introduction of the new UXP (Unified eXtensibility Platform) Plugins for Adobe Photoshop which was recently discussed over at the Adobe Tech Blog.

Many of you will have at some time used Photoshop Extension panels to speed up your workflow. These are located under the Photoshop Menu Windows – Extensions. It turns out that Adobe have now decided to replace these extension panels with this new UXP system and call them Plugins.

Will My Panels Stop Working ?

The short answer to that is “at some time in the future, yes”. The 64 million dollar question is “when in the future“.

Will You Be Making New Plugin Panels For Photoshop ?

The original panels are not able to be migrated into the new system so this means that all the code has to be written again from the beginning.

Although time consuming, I shall make an effort and re make the ones which can be brought into the new UXP system. The ones which cannot be brought over will just remain as Legacy ones.

Here are some of the New Photoshop UXP Plugins I have currently made.

So How Do We Install These New Photoshop Plugins ?

Whether you are using a Mac or Windows computer, the good news is that they are extremely easy to install. The author of the plugin compiles it into a single file which has an extension of .ccx which I understand to stand for creative cloud executable.

All that you have to do is double click on the CCX file and this will open up your Adobe Creative Cloud Dashboard.

The first option may warn you that the Plugin Could Not be verified. This just means that the Plugin has not been submitted to the Adobe Market Place.

Press the Install Locally button and proceed to the next screen.

This screen is just telling you that you should only install plugins from trusted sources and in some cases you may need to grant permission if asked to do so. Press the OK button to finish the installation.

Once the installation is complete, you can access the plugin in Photoshop by going to the Plugins Menu and choosing Plugins Panel.

How To Install Photoshop UXP Plugins

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