Lightroom Custom Print Curves Mini Videos

Adobe Lightroom Tone Curve
Custom Print Curves For Lightroom

Custom print curves allows us to match more closely the values we send to the printer to the actual values which are printed. The benefits of this workflow is that we can take into account our own paper stocks and the characteristics of our own printer ink.

After the recent success of my Photoshop Custom Print Curves program, I was asked if I could do something similar with Adobe Lightroom.

 I gave it some thought and have decided to release a small video series on how to make custom print curves for printing with Lightroom.

Print Curve For Lightroom
Lightroom Print Curve

To construct print curves for Adobe Lightroom, the following will be needed.

  • Working copy of Adobe Lightroom
  • Printer to print the step wedge
  • Device for measuring the printed step wedge patches
  • A program to open the included Excel or Number spreadsheets

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