Lightroom Custom Print Curves Mini Videos

Adobe Lightroom Tone Curve

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After the recent success of my Photoshop Custom Print Curves program, I was asked if I could do something similar with Adobe Lightroom.

 I gave it some thought and have decided to release a small video series on how to make custom print curves for printing with Lightroom.

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Included in the video ...

Color Space

  • Adobe RGB 1998 and ProPhoto RGB
  • How Lightroom Manages Colour

Understanding The Lightroom Tone Curve

  • Parametric Curve
  • Point Curve
  • Applying Both

Point Curve

  • Making vertical adjustments with the point curve
  • Slowing down the movements
  • Dropping a point on a horizontal axis to make it appear on the vertical axis
  • Input and Output boxes

Custom Print Curves

  • PGC Starter Curve
  • Making your own from a step wedge
  • Making it always available to use
  • Backing up Mac and Windows locations

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Lightroom Print Curves Video Series 1

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