Lightroom Quick Edit Develop Profiles

The Adobe Lightroom Quick Edit Profiles Pack  is a collection of creative profiles which have been designed for Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera RAW.

The new Lightroom and Camera RAW profiles can now be applied to your photographs without affecting any other changes you may have already done through using presets or other in-built editing controls.

Each of the included profiles are visible in both Lightroom and Adobe Camera RAW. I have included an installation program for both Windows and MAC.

This set of profiles have been created to fully support the new update to Lightroom and Camera RAW (April 2018). More in formation on the addition to profiles to Lightroom and Camera RAW is available on the Adobe Blog.

Lightroom Camera Raw Quick Edit Profiles

Use these creative Lightroom and Camera RAW profiles creatively throughout the editing workflow. One advantage in using these types of profiles is that you have the ability to control the overall strength of the effect by using the profile strength slider found in the Lightroom and Camera RAW interface if available.

Included in the Quick Edit Profile Pack Are:

3. Exposure Minus 1 Stop
3. Exposure Minus 1.5 Stop
3. Exposure Plus 1 Stop
3. Exposure Plus 1-3 Stop
3. Exposure Plus 1.5 Stop
3. Exposure Plus 2-3 Stop
3. Highlight Recovery Minus 25
3. Highlight Recovery Minus 50
3. Highlight Recovery Minus 75
3. Highlight Recovery Plus 25
3. Highlight Recovery Plus 50
3. Highlight Recovery Plus 75

3. Shadow Recovery Minus 25
3. Shadow Recovery Minus 50
3. Shadow Recovery Minus 75
3. Shadow Recovery Plus 25
3. Shadow Recovery Plus 50
3. Shadow Recovery Plus 75
3a. Blacks Minus 25
3a. Blacks Minus 50
3a. Blacks Minus 75
3a. Blacks Plus 25
3a. Blacks Plus 50
3a. Blacks Plus 75

3a. Whites Minus 25
3a. Whites Minus 50
3a. Whites Minus 75
3a. Whites Plus 25
3a. Whites Plus 50
3a. Whites Plus 75
4. Contrast Minus 1
4. Contrast Minus 2
4. Contrast Minus 3
4. Contrast Plus 1
4. Contrast Plus 2
4. Contrast Plus 3