Adobe Photoshop Panels

Paper Grey Curves Dashboard

Gray Curves Dashboard

Gray Curves Printing Dashboard The Paper Grey Curves Dashboard is a Photoshop extension panel which is an add-on to the Paper Grey Curves Program. The extension panel conviently puts everything in one container allowing quick access to the tool required for making the paper grey curves for black and white printing. Measure Scanned Step Wedge …

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Pinnacle 140mm Square Greeting Card Template

Pinnacle Card Template

Pinnacle Square Greeting Card Template Printing your own greeting cards have become very popular and is easier than ever to produce them with some of the modern inkjet printers available on the market. I personally like the wide range of blank greeting cards from Paper Spectrum, especially the 140mm square versions. The card stock is …

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Picture Mounts

The Picture Mounts Photoshop program is a script which is executed from with inside Adobe Photoshop. The script is run by going to the Photoshop File Menu and then choosing Scripts – Picture Mounts. What does Picture Mounts do?The Picture Mounts program is designed to give you a visual representation of how your photograph will look …

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Digital Negative Curves

Digital Negative Curves is a semi-automated process for creating digital negative correction curves in Photoshop for digital negatives which can then be printed in a traditional darkroom either as an enlargement or a contact print. What Is A Digital NegativeA digital negative is a piece of transparent material which has a coated side from which …

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Photoshop Dodge And Burn Panel

Dodge And Burn Photoshop Panel

Dodging and Burning is a technique used to lighten or darken areas of the image. Based on a traditional darkroom technique photographers lighten an area on the print (dodging) or darken areas on a print (burning) by increasing exposure. We can still use this method In the digital age with photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop. …

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Luminosity Masking Photoshop Panel

Luminosity Masking Photoshop Panel

The Luminosity Masking Photoshop extension panel is a collection of tools which allow you to create complex Luminosity masks from the press of a button. Luminosity Masks allow us to make specific selections based on luminosity, or in other words, the brightness of a pixel We use luminance masks to separate areas of different tones or …

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Negative Raw Linear Scan Photoshop Panel

Linear Raw Scan Photoshop Panel

The Linear RAW Scans Photoshop panel has been designed to correctly convert a linear (raw) scan from a negative to a positive form. I find that creating a straight linear scan with no scanner software adjustments gives me a good strong starting point. A linear scan produces information which has been directly captured by the scanner sensor. This …

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Photoshop Picture Mounts

Picture Mounts Panel

The Picture Mounts Photoshop extension panel offers the ability to add pre determined mounts to your images which can give you a better indication how they would look presented. Three individual presets are available at the click of a button, each preset offers predetermined sizes and the option for the user to enter a custom …

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