Photoshop Adjustment Layer Window

Photoshop Adjustment LayerSince Photoshop CS3 we seem to have lost the ability to show any of the adjustment layers in a floating window style. What we have now are all the adjustment layers docked to the side panel. Although this may look neat and tidy, there are on occasions where I like to see a slightly larger view in a floating window.

Lets take the Curves adjustment layer for example, the only way to get the floating window is to use the Ctrl + M or Cmd + M keyboard shortcut but this does not give us the option to use it as an adjustment layer.

Photoshop Floating Adjustment LayerThis is where the Big Adjust Photoshop panel comes to our rescue. Simply choose any one of the adjustment layers of your choice and then press the panel button to open the adjustment layer as a floating window.

The Big Adjust floating adjustment layer panel works with all adjustment layers including, Curves, Levels, Exposure, Black&White, Brightness/Contrast, Cannel Mixer, Color Lookup, Hue/Saturation, Photo Filter, Posterize, Vibrance, Selective Color, Channel Mixer, Color Balance, Threshold, Gradient Map.

Photoshop Larger Adjustment Layer View