Multi Stage High Pass Sharpening

Image sharpening in Photoshop is a technique used to increase the perceived sharpness of an image by enhancing the contrast and detail around its edges. It can be done using various tools and filters, such as the Unsharp Mask, Smart Sharpen, and High Pass filter.

The multi-stage sharpening uses the Photoshop High Pass algorithm at different strengths on different layers to apply the sharpening to the photograph whilst trying to minimise and eliminate artefacts.

Standard And Custom

The standard option applies pre-determined levels of sharpening using built-in preset values. The opacity sliders can increase or decrease the sharpening on each of the four individual sharpening levels.

The custom option allows you to set the level of sharpening manually for each of the four individual sharpening levels.

Toggle Layer Visibility
Next to each of the sliders, there is a toggle layer visibility option which can be used to turn on/off the layer so the effect of the sharpening for a particular layer can be seen as you make an adjustment.

Photoshop Sharpening Plugin

High Pass Sharpening

Overall, sharpening can help improve the quality and visual impact of an image, making it more appealing to viewers. However, it's important to use sharpening carefully and selectively, as too much sharpening can result in an unnatural-looking image with exaggerated edges and artefacts.

Out of all the sharpening options offered by Photoshop, the High Pass method is the one I have been using for many years as I have always found the results to be pleasing which is why I have used the High Pass algorithm in the Multi Sharpen Plugin.

Built In Videos

The plugin incorporates a built in custom video player where you can watch any product videos which have been recorded.

To access the videos, press the small icon in the upper right hand corner of the plugin.

Compatible with:

Photoshop Version 24 and newer
Windows 10 and newer
Mac including M1

Photoshop High Pass Multi Sharpen

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