Pinnacle Square Greeting Card Template

Printing your own greeting cards have become very popular and is easier than ever to produce them with some of the modern inkjet printers available on the market.

I personally like the wide range of blank greeting cards from Paper Spectrum, especially the 140mm square versions.

The card stock is of extremely high quality and the printed results are superb. I have created a small  light weight Photoshop panel specifically for the 140mm square cards which creates a template with ease ready for you to add your front and back images right into the template.

The panel is easy to use and is compatible with Photoshop CC and above on both Windows and Mac platforms.

Create the layout, add the front and rear image. It really is as simple as that.

Pinnacle 140mm Square Greeting Card Template

Pinnacle Greeting Card Template

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Pinnacle Greeting Card Square Template

  • Requires Photoshop CC and above
  • Mac or Windows Operating System
  • Pinnacle 140mm Greeting cards

This Pinnacle 140mm greeting card Photoshop Panel is ideal for those who print with. the Paper Spectrum Pinnacle 140mm square greeting cards

Pinnacle 140mm

Greeting card Photoshop template

This Photoshop Template maker is designed to work with the Pinnacle 140mm square greeting cards which are available direct from Paper Spectrum.