Tone Transition Target

Print Transition Target

FREE Print Transition Test Target

The Ability To Reproduce Tonal Transitions

Let’s face it, when we make prints of photographs in greyscale, we need to ensure that we can reproduce all shades of grey in such a way that gives us a nice transition from one shade to another.

Reproducing the black-and-white parts of an image is easy compared to producing the many shades of grey in between especially when using the printer’s black-and-white mode.

Some papers handle these fine transitions between black and white better than others.

Tests should be conducted to see which papers on your printer are able to handle transitions well.

This is where this test chart comes in handy. All you have to do is print out the target on your choice of paper, allow it some time to dry and then under good lighting, look at the shades of grey which site between the lightest shade and the darkest shade to see how well the transition of the greys print.

Buy the mini video which also includes the print test target
In this small video, we take a closer look at the print transition test target and how the new free Epson Print software can be beneficial when using the Epson ABW Driver.

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