QuadTone Rip K3 Curve Profiler

What is the QuadTone Rip K3 Curve Profiler.

The QuadTone Rip K3 Curve Profiler is an Excel spreadsheet program which has been created by Richard Boutwell of bw-mastery. The program has been cleverly designed to take the headache out of creating custom paper curves for the QTR printer driver.

How does the QuadTone Rip K3 Curve Profiler work.

Working behind the scenes, the QuadTone Rip K3 Curve Profiler performs many calculations to help you create a linearised curve which you then use when printing through the QTR driver.

What makes the QuadTone Rip K3 Curve Profiler special

The traditional method for creating custom paper curves is to manually edit the QTR descriptor files which can be time consuming and can require an awful lot of trial and error. The QuadTone Rip K3 Curve Profiler automatically adds pre determined values based on prior testing by the author, Richard Boutwell.

Although the default values can in some cases be tweaked, I personally have found them to work extremely well with no further intervention. I was extremely pleased with just how the neutral linearised curve gave me a far better neutral looking print than the Epson Advanced Black and White Driver.

Will this QuadTone Rip K3 Curve Profiler work on Windows and Mac

The QuadTone Rip K3 Curve Profiler is an Excel spreadsheet application and will work on either Windows or Mac providing you have a working copy of Microsoft Excel.

What are these QuadTone Rip K3 Curve Profiler video tutorials you have created

Having spent some time using the program, it quickly became apparent that some people may be put off by what appears to be a complicated program. Due to the excellent results I have personally gotten from using the program, I decided to record a series of videos showing how I use the QuadTone Rip K3 Curve Profiler in my own personal workflow.

Rather than record one long video, I decided to break them down into smaller sections allowing the viewer to fully digest that particular section before commencing onto the next one.

How have you broken the videos down

  1. Introduction (5 mins 14 seconds)
  2. Interface (8 mins 17 seconds)
  3. Exporting Starter Curves (5 mins 04 seconds)
  4. Printing Target Patches (5 mins 13 seconds)
  5. Color Munki Photo (3mins 18 seconds)
  6. Measuring Target Patches With Color Munki (5 mins 51 seconds)
  7. Making The Linear Curve (6 mins 38 seconds)
  8. Using The Linear Curve (5 mins 23 seconds)

QuadTone Rip K3 Curve Profiler Video introduction.

What device are you using to measure the target patches

Throughout the videos, I use the X-Rite Colr Munki Photo device and the X-rite Color Picker software to measure the individual 21 patches.

The Color Munki and Color Picker software will work on both Windows and Mac but there is a slight difference when it comes to exporting the measured data form the Color Picker software. As I am using a Mac, you will see me demonstrate this procedure from the Mac.

The patches can be measured with any device such as the i1-profiler or the Datacolor Spyder Print. Each device will have its own method of reading the patches and exporting the measured data.

This looks interesting, where can I find out more about the QuadTone Rip K3 Curve Profiler
The program is available directly from the creators website https://www.bwmastery.com