Quick Edit Lightroom Presets

The Quick Edit Lightroom Presets are available in either a standard or pro version. The standard version contains 40 individual presets and the pro version contains 90 individual presets.

All these Lightroom Presets are fully compatible with Adobe Lightroom versions 4 and above including the new Lightroom version 6 and Lightroom CC.

Installing Lightroom Presets

Select Lightroom – Preferences (MAC)? Select Edit – Preferences (Windows)
Click the preset tab, then click the button ? ‘Show Lightroom Preset Folder’
Open the folder named ‘Develop Presets’
Copy the Quick Edit Preset folders here.
Restart Lightroom and your Lightroom Presets will now be visible in the Develop Module.

After purchasing, you will receive a zip file which contains the Lightroom preset folder, a PDF document and also an iBooks document for viewing on an Apple iPad.

Lightroom Quick Edit Presets

What are Lightroom Presets.

Lightroom presets are differ to Photoshop Actions in the sense that a Photoshop action is based on recording an event, whereas Lightroom presets can be almost considered as a short cut to a specific operation. Lightroom Presets provide a convenient way to shortening the time used for commonly used editing tasks.

As well as having the ability to apply these presets in the Develop module, Lightroom offers the option to apply them in the Library module whilst in the Grid view as well as during the import process.

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