Photoshop Luminosity Masks

The Quick Mask Photoshop plugin has been designed to be intuitive when creating 16bit Photoshop luminosity masks for both black and white and colour photograph editing

Quick Mask 3.0 has been completely written from the ground up and uses better algorithms to make full 16 bit luminosity masks.

What Are Luminosity Masks?

Luminosity masks are a technique used in digital image editing, particularly in programs like Adobe Photoshop, to create selections based on the brightness levels of an image.

Unlike traditional selections based on color or shape, luminosity masks target specific tonal ranges, allowing for precise control over adjustments such as exposure, contrast, and color grading.

Creating 16-bit Luminosity Masks Using The Photoshop Plugin

We start by creating the desired adjustment layer before adding the required luminosity mask. The masks are grouped into three sections, Highlights, Midtones and Shadows, each one offering six individual masks to be created.

Luminosity masks by default have some degree of automatic feathering applied to them upon creation and this feathering can be extended further by using the Mask Softness slider built right into the plugin.

To make it easier to see the mask as you cycle through the masks, there is an auto preview option which can be enabled in the preferences dialogue. which gives you the choice of whether to auto-preview the mask as a traditional mask or by using the red mask overlay.

The bottom section of the plugin offers some mask refinement tools which allow us to quickly and easily refine and change the adjustments for the chosen mask.

16 bit luminosity masks photoshop plugin
quick mask luminosity masks preferences

Luminosty Mask Photoshop Preferences

From within the preferences you can easily change the Photoshop theme colour, change the plugin accent colours, check for minor and new releases automatically and also choose whether to preview the luminosity masks automatically as we cycle through them.

When paintin in or out a selection you can choose whether to automatically hide or show the selection edges (marching ants) by selecting ot deselection the checkbox.

Luminostiy Mask Helpful Videos

The plugin has its own built in video player which is accessable  under the top right hand corner flyout menu.

In here you will see short videos decribing some of the features within the plugin.

These videos are dynamic which means that I can add more on the fly without you having to download a new version.

photoshop plugin video

New 16 Bit Luminosity Masks

With the new algorithim, we can now produce cleaner true 16 bit luminosity masks, which offer smoother transitioned tones across the target allowing for a much cleaner blend of tonal values.

Quick Mask 16 bit Luminosity Masking Photoshop Plugin
Lights 4 Mask
Luminosity 16 bit Masking Quick Mask Photoshop
Lights 5 Mask
Quick Mask 16 bit Photoshop Plugin For Luminosity Masking
Lights 6 Mask

Luminosity Mask Black & White And Colour

16 bit Luminosity Masks are accurate selections based around the different brightness values within the photograph which means they can also be used in both a colour and black and white photography editing workflow.

Highlight 16 bit Luminosity Mask
Highlight Luminosity Mask
Typical Straight Exposure
Typical Straight Exposure
Vibrance Adjustment Through Highlight 16 bit Luminosity Mask
Highlight Vibrance Adjustment
Painting Through 16 bit Luminosity Masks
Painting Through Luminosity Masks
agfa Billy-straight-exposure
Straight Exposure Lacking Sparkle In the Chrome
Agfa Billy Camera 16 Bit Luminosity Masking
Edit After Using Highlight And Shadow Masks

Take control of the areas you are interested in.

If when selecting a luminosity mask we find that other parts of the photograph have been selected which we do not want to be included in the final adjustment, in the Quick Mask plugin we can choose the Double Mask option which then allows us to selectively paint back the adjustment to just where we want it to be applied to.

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