QuickMask Luminosity Masks

Creating 16 Bit Luminosity Masks with ease from within Photoshop.

QuickMask Luminosity Masks

QuickMask 16 Bit Photoshop Plugin

In the past, the traditional way to make Luminosity Masks in Photoshop was to create and stop them as alpha channels.

Storing them as channels had one drawback as these alpha channels effectively increased the size of the document.

The new QuickMask panel now creates the luminosity masks as a layer mask which not only prevents the document size from growing out of control but allows us to use true 16 bit luminosity masks.

Luminosity Masking Buttons

Luminosity Masks

Choose from one of the Lights Mid-Tone or Darks presets to create luminosity masks based on different image luminosity values.

Clean Generated Masks

The luminosity preset buttons creates clean 16 bit masks without the need to use any additional alpha channels. 

Lights 3 Luminosity Mask
Darks2 Luminosity Mask
Luminosity Masking

Refining The Masks

Each targeted luminosity mask can now be refined further using a separate levels adjustment layer. individual colours can be changed prior to converting to black and white.

luminosity mask layers

Outputting The Masks

Each targeted luminosity mask can now be outputted to a Levels, Curves or Brightness Adjustment layer. An option to convert to black and white is also available.


QuickMask Options

Under the Options tab in the QuickMask interface are various options which perform the following tasks.

  • Flatten the image
  • Resize the image
  • Save For Web
  • Save As
  • Add Dodge and Burn 50% Grey Layer