Sekonic L-758 EV Mode

Sekonic L758 Ev Mode

One nice feature built into the Sekonic L-758 Light Meter is the ability to set the readout to display EV (exposure values).

Using EV values can be a quick way to calculate the dynamic range of a scene to determine if it falls within the capabilities of the camera.

Setting the display to read EV values is achieved by setting Custom Function 5 to 1. With the light meter turned off, press and hold the Mode button and turn the light meter on. This now puts you into custom setting mode and you will see CS in the upper right hand corner where ISO 2 is usually displayed.

Rotate the Jog wheel until you see 05 and then tap the Mode button until you see 1. Turn off the light meter and turn it back on. Now press the Mode button and turn the Jog wheel until you see EV displayed where the Aperture value usually displays.

In Spot meter mode, point the light meter at the brightest part of the scene and remember the value and then point the meter at the darkest part of the scene where you want  to capture detail and the meter will tell you the EV value. Subtract one from the other and that is the dynamic range of that scene in stops.

EG. If I point the meter at the sky and get an EV value of 12 and then point the meter at the bark of a tree and get a reading of 6EV, then the overall dynamic range is 6 Stops.

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