Synology NAS

What is a Synology Nas?
A Synology NAS is a Network attached Storage device which connects to your internet router and becomes part of your home internal network.

Inside the Nas unit, you install Hard drive(s) which can then be used as a simple to use backup solution for all your files.

What made me choose a Nas?
Over the years, I have built up my own data backup workflow which consisted as multiple USB External Drives (5 in total). I wanted to consolidate all these drives into a single device but at the same time still maintain data redundancy should anything go wrong.

Both my Windows and MAC computers are connected to my router via Cat7 cables which means that I can take full advantage of the 1GB  ethernet connection which allows me to transfer files between both computers at a constant 100 bits/second.

Why Choose Synology?
I chose Synology for its ease of use and reliabilty. The built in software which can be accessed via a browser on any device including mobiles is extremely user friendly and it more or less sets everything up for you automatically.

Synology DSM Interface

How I use the Synology Nas

I have a 2 Bay Nas which means that you can install up-to 2 internal hard drives inside. The first hard drive contains all your data and the second hard drive is used to mirror the first drive allowing you to always have a backup on the fly.

In a worse case scenario that a drive should fail, all you need to do is remove the offending drive, put a new one in and the good drive will automatically start to copy the data across.

I have offloaded all my my files from my main computer onto the NAS apart from my Lightroom Catalog which still stays on my internal SSD drive. I decided to do it this way because even with a 1GB ethernet connection, accessing the catalog direct from the SSD was going to give better performance.

I was concerned at first about accessing large 5×4 scans across the network but I have been very impressed with how everything works, even when opening 2GB files directly into Lightroom or Photoshop.

Other uses for the NAS
Initially, I was only focused on the storage and backup side but having got more familiar with what the Synology NAS has to offer with all its pre built in free applications, I have started to expand its capabilities by putting all my music and videos on there which can then be streamed either to any computer in the house or direct to the TV.

My thoughts on the Synology NAS
I have to say that I am extremely impressed with how this little device works. Not only has it allowed me to get rid of all those external drives, its has given me a single device which has so much to offer in terms of data storage, backup and my own personal cloud storage.

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