Photography Training Videos

QuadTone Rip K3 Curve Creation Tool

QuadTone Rip K3 Curve Profiler

What is the QuadTone Rip K3 Curve Profiler. The QuadTone Rip K3 Curve Profiler is an Excel spreadsheet program which has been created by Richard Boutwell of bw-mastery. The program has been cleverly designed to take the headache out of creating custom paper curves for the QTR printer driver. How does the QuadTone Rip K3 Curve Profiler work. Working …

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Vuescan Scanning Black And White Negative Video Tutorials

VueScan Black & White Tutorial

This mini set of VueScan black and white scanning videos are designed to help those who use VueScan for scanning black and white negatives. My analog film photography is based around the hybrid workflow. I capture the image on traditional black and white light sensitive film, develop it in traditional darkroom chemicals and then digitally …

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Vuescan Scan Resolution Video

VueScan Scan Resolution Video

With most scanning software including VueScan Pro, we have a tendency to think the highest resolution value is the best. This all depends on what we are going to do with the final output. Scanning a film negative at 6400 is not guaranteed to give us a file which contains more detail, what it is …

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Silverfast Scanning Black And White Negatives

SilverFast Scanning Black And White

The SilverFast Black and White Scanning Workflow After spending many hours learning how to get the most from the analog to digital conversion form the equipment I have, I thought it would be a good idea to share this information via a mini video series. I use a simple but effective black and white scanning workflow which produce …

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