Using Lightroom Profiles

Using Lightroom Profiles

In a previous article, I demonstrated how to install Lightroom Profiles.

Before Adobe introduced Profiles, we used to rely on Presets to speed up our editing workflow. One of the main issues with presets is that they made adjustments tot he various sliders and prevented us from applying further adjustments to those sliders without overwriting the initial setting.

For example, if a preset made adjustments to say the exposure slider then we were unable to make another exposure adjustment without affecting the adjustment made by the initial preset.

Custom Profiles
Custom Profiles were a game changer in this respect because they now allow us to add a second adjustment on top of the adjustments already made by the profile. Using the custom profiles are really easy, all you need to do is locate the profile under the profile browser and then to see the effect, hover your mouseover the profile icon and the image will show a preview instantly.

After choosing the desired profile, you also have the ability in most cases to change the overall intensity of the effect by adjusting the amount slider. One thing to point out here is that the values allowed by the amount slider can vary from profile to profile because they are determined by the profile developer.

You also have the option to save a profile to the Favourites section of the profile browser which allows you to quickly access them agin in the future.

In the following video, I will demonstrate briefly how to navigate around the profiles as-well as how to add them to the favourites section.

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