VueScan Scan Resolution Video

vuescan resolution settingWith most scanning software including VueScan Pro, we have a tendency to think the highest resolution value is the best. This all depends on what we are going to do with the final output.

Scanning a film negative at 6400 is not guaranteed to give us a file which contains more detail, what it is guaranteed to give us is a file  which is very large in file size.

Let me put it another way, if from the outset, we know what the final print size is going to be, or we know the maximum print size we can produce from our own printer, why nor just scan at the required resolution to start with and be done with it.

The Correct Scan Resolution
Knowing how to calculate the correct scan resolution for a specific output print size is the key. Regardless of whether you use VueScan, VueScan Pro or any other scanning software.

VueScan Pro Resolution Video
I have created two videos, one demonstrating how to calculate the correct scanning resolution in VueScan Pro which just happens to be one of the scanning softwares I use and another video showing how to correctly set the image dpi for output using the Adobe Lightroom Print Module.

VueScan Pro Resolution & Lightroom Video
Each video is of high quality and is delivered in the mp4 format making them accessible on a wide selection of devices.

  • The Lightroom DPI Output video has a duration of around 17 minutes.
  • The VueScan Scan Resolution video has a duration of about 20 minutes.

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