Vuescan RAW Linear With ColorPrefect

For my film photography, I develop all my black and white film negatives with traditional darkroom chemistry. If a print is required, the negative is scanned and outputted as a digital print on archival fine art photographic paper.

When I scan the black and white film negatives, I use one of two methods depending on what format of film I am scanning. For my Pinhole 6×6 and the Holga, I scan and output as a regular Tiff file with minimal adjustments in the SilverFast AI scanner software.

In this eBook, I will outline the steps I take for my black and white hybrid workflow including scanning 5×4 black and white negatives and outputting them as Linear Raw files.

I also explain some of the options I use both in the VueScan Professional scanner software and the CF-System ColorPerfect Photoshop plugin.

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