Zero 2000 Pinhole View Finder

ZeroImage 2000 Composition View FinderUsing the Zero Image 2000 6×6 Pinhole Camera is straight forward but the one area which people seem to struggle with is composition.

Not having a view finder to look through really makes you stop in your tracks and think about what part of the scene the camera is actually going to record. The Zero 2000 6×6 Pinhole Camera View Finder template can help you in this regard.

By holding the Zero 2000 6×6 Pinhole Camera View Finder 25 cm from your eye, you will have a pretty good idea what will be included when you expose the film.

Print The Zero 2000 6×6 Pinhole Camera View Finder which is sized at 5×4 inches and then cut out the centre square. The small round hole can also be cut out should you want to attach some string to it and hang it around your neck.

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