FomaPan 200 Kodak d23

FomaPan 200 In Kodak D23

I was introduced to Kodak D23 sometime ago after looking at some photographs developed in it on a large format photography forum. I have always been drawn to black and white photographs that have a softer pictorial feel to them and the more I saw negatived developed in Kodak D23 the more I wanted to try it.

Mixing RAW chemicals was something I had never tried but despite Kodak D23 only having two ingredients, I decided to have a go. I read an article on how this developer works extremely well as a replenished developer so this is the route I have taken.

After mixing the Kodak D23 developer, I developed around 320 square inches of film in the stock solution and another 80 square inches after the first replenishment. The testing I have been doing was to get a development time as close as I could to give me a Zone 8 density of about 1.29 for my regular 5×4 film which happens to be FomaPan 200.

The end results which yielded a density of 1.31 for my workflow using the SP-445 daylight development tank ended up at 7 minutes at 20 degrees centigrade in Kodak D23. Here is a scan using the Epson V800 of a negative and the positive after it was converted using ColorPerfect.

FomaPan D23 7 Minutes
FomaPan D23 7 Minutes Positive

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